Friday, June 15, 2012

Four Outside Days

I managed to spend four out of five weekday afternoons outside this week. That's a new record for me (since I moved to MA at least) and I'm rather pleased with myself.
Monday, Brian and I loaded our bikes into the truck and drove down to the canal for a very pretty afternoon ride. We started at the Herring Run and rode to the Railroad bridge and back, which is seven miles all told. I would like to do the full fourteen - one side to the other and back again - but we'll build up to that.
Tuesday, Jennah and I parked our butts in beach chairs and people-watched on Duxbury beach. She brought the sandwiches and I brought the lemonade. I got my first true sunburn of the summer - primarily on my face. I always forget how much light the water reflects back.
Wednesday was my trapped-indoors-day this week, but since I spent it at the USO office, and it was a miserable rainy day, I can't really begrudge myself.
Thursday, Brian and I buried the rest of the tires in the garden and set the last of the tomato plants in place. I started weeding, but quickly realized I needed an all-day-weeding event. I scheduled it for the next day.
Which was today! We got up and spent three or four hours in the garden. I not have landscaping cloth between all my rows of beans and the majority of my garden is blissfully weed-free.

I spent the rest of my time today in homemaker-type-pursuits. I made a pie, prepped sangria, and purchased the components for a simple fruit salad - all for Brad's going away party tomorrow. He's being deployed - hopefully to Qatar but possibly to Afghanistan - and we won't see him for the better part of a year.
I'm grilling almost every night now, which means that summer is well and truly here.

I managed to burn the parts of my arms that didn't burn on Tuesday, except for the top-front of my shoulders, so I have the most ridiculous farmer's tan ever. -sigh-

Sunday will be spent in the garden, too, I believe. I have lettuce to rescue (since it finally decided to sprout) and while the carrots have wiggle room, the carrot beds are currently not aesthetically pleasing.

I would like to maintain this pace for the rest of the summer - one day of the week and one day of the weekend to rest, but every other day is spent at least partially outside. Once it gets hot (it's been in the mid-60s and lower-70s all week), my ideal day will start in the garden but as the heat chases me out I'll jump in the lake to cool off before showering and running whatever errands I have to do.

Yeah, I know, I'm spoiled.