Monday, February 20, 2012

Yet Another Start

This is not my first attempt at a blog.
My longest-running venture, a private diary 11 years in the making, remains my refuge. My need to write usually drives me there, where my limited (intimately trusted) readership can partake in the secrets I have to get out of my head via keyboard. It will remain indefinitely, if I can help it.
I write too much on facebook.  It's too easy to overshare there, with my family peering over my shoulder.  We are spread out across the country, my Kansas brethren, and having a single site where I can put a piece of information and have it disseminated to everyone who might want to learn of my antics is far too convenient.
There are far too many things going on in my life to facebook it all. I become one of those people, the spasmatic oversharers. I'm proud of what I cook, what I grow, what I do... but that doesn't mean anybody wants to have it force-fed to them on their newsfeed.
My other attempt at a blog was short-lived. I was trying to start something bigger than myself, but insert excuse here, life intervened and it just didn't happen.  Enough time passed that I forgot my list of things I wanted to write about, much less the specifics of each. I've left it up as a memorial to failure.
Josie has done something I admire, opening up a corner of her life and managing to keep the private things, private. I hope I can be so lucky.

Above and beyond all this, however, is the constant statement made, when I tell someone our story, that I need to write a book.
This, for now, will suffice.

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