Friday, February 24, 2012


As I am now a Bostonian, the proper pronunciation for my new title (as a successful graduate of the American Heart Association Lifesaver First Aid & CPR Course) is life-save-uh.

I've got a card and everything.

It was 55 degrees and beautiful yesterday, so of course I was stuck inside on campus all day.
There was wet clumpy disgusting snow on the ground when we awoke this morning, and the temperature hovered around 40. So of course I had most of the day free.
It is raining and miserable tonight. As it will be most of the weekend. Which means I had fabulous plans.

Little Abigaile Grace is one year old today, and her birthday party is tomorrow. I spent altogether too much money on her, but if you saw the dresses I procured for her you would totally understand. Her gift is wrapped (in a box that originally contained a pair of Chuck Taylors) on the kitchen table, waiting for party time.
The very next day, Sunday, my adorable cousin is visiting me. Huzzah. I had ideas for things to do in my dripping-with-history little town, but the weather report has fairly shat on those plans. I think, instead, I will bake, and thus give him a carepackage fairly brimming with Home. I cook like our grandmother, after all.

Seed Savers received my order. There was much rejoicing.
My crocus are still petite but as long as they're hanging on I'm happy. Green plant parts mean sunlight being turned into energy and feeding those bulbs.
It will be March in less than a week. March March March! March means Spring Break! It means Vernal Equinox! It means I'm down to only a handful of weeks until it's safe to start my seedlings. It means an increase in likelihood that I can get outside and start turning over garden soil! It means the Plantation opens up and I can buy my apple cider kits without having to drive 2 hours round trip! It seems to mean a lot of exclamation points as well.

With the passing of my CPR course, I now have Fridays free for the remainder of the semester.  While some of those are earmarked for my adventures in fertility treatments up in the city (insert annoyed face here) the vast majority of them are mine. Big white blank spots on my calendar.

Next week is my first. I need to think up something exceptional.

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