Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Favorite Distraction

I cannot start any of my seeds yet. I keep telling myself this. I'm not in the Midwest anymore.
(Because I absolutely refuse to ever tell myself I'm not in Kansas anymore.)
I have no gardening buddies in New England.  My biggest inspirations live in Indiana, Omaha, Missouri, and Wisconsin.
The Winsconsin girl feels my pain. You can't plant anything outside if the ground is still frozen. It froze last night. It snowed yesterday. March has come in like a lion and any gardening activites are an act of futility.
I have a massive English paper due in one week. I have all the research done for it, I just need to actually write the damn thing. 10-20 pages will take some time, even if I do know precisely what I want to say. My goal for the weekend is to get that done - as well as study for my Psychology exam on Tuesday. I only have two classes, so of course they have to have concurrent due dates.
Yet my seed packets arrived from Seed Savers yesterday. I procured my first couple tires, which is a new demarcation plan I intend to try this year. What I really want to do this weekend is go outside and figure out precisely how many tires I can use, how many seedlings that will equate, and then start labelling pots.
What I will make myself do this weekend is clean the house - my best friend is coming up to visit me for the first time since my wedding, and her husband has never been up here before, so a clean house is a neccesity. I have to go next door and buy my housekey off my neighbor's daughter. She kitty-sat for me a month or so ago, and I never gave her the money I promised (it's sitting in an envelope on my desk) and she never brought back the housekey. I'm going to need the extra housekey.
I have to type my paper. I am really happy with what I've dug up on the Morrigan, Morgan la Fey, and Modron the mother goddess, and so writing the paper won't be overtly painful. Did I mention the English class is called The Arthurian Legend?
I have to study for Abnormal Psychology. My professor isn't a hard tester (I took Counseling and Crisis Intervention from her a couple years ago) but there's only three tests in the class and they're the vast majority of my grade, so blowing it off isn't an option.

I have to hide the seed packets that came in. I'll take them out to the potting shed tonight or tomorrow. Out of sight, out of mind... if they sit here on my desk I'll spend the weekend daydreaming and then I'm screwed.


  1. I love that you love to put your hands in the ground and get dirty.

  2. Oh man, I love seed saver's. I still need to put in my order to them, but it is all summer veggies that I can't do anything with right now anyway, so I am in no rush.

    What are you using tires for? We have a bunch on our land that I am going to try growing potatoes in this year.

    1. My friend Lorelei uses tires around her tomatoes. One tire = one plant. It cuts way down on weeding and I theorize it will help keep heat in the soil, which is something I have a lot of trouble with up here.
      Also, I need to cut up my potatoes and pot them - I'm going to try to do a potato container garden.