Friday, March 9, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I know you're not supposed to say on the internet when you're not home, but my house is protectes by my paranoid Vietnam vet of a neighbor... So if you manage to figure out where I live, you'll still get capped. So whatever.
Brian and I are flying to TX for a wedding, and I am conflicted.

I've never had to use one of the new TSA scanners before. I paid a little attention to the hullaballoo they were causing, because nudity doesn't bother me.
And then today, I found myself standing in one, my hands over my head. I felt very naked, very vulnerable, and very annoyed. I hadn't been given the option or any forewarning. There was a metal detector directly in front of me that I was routed around. The full-body scan caught me unawares.
I decided, instantly, that I didn't like them.

And then I realized Brian had used it, too.
Generally when we fly, due to his metal feets (and yes they are referred to as feets) he gets the full pat-down, explosive residue swipe, and molestation. Today, he put his hands over his head, stood for 20 seconds, and went on his way like a normal person.

Thus my conflict.

As much as I don't like them, they're one hell of an equalizer.

Maybe if they changed the resolution... body is white, background is white, metals show up black. Then a person's features would be indistinguishable and it wouldn't feel so invasive.

In other news, Brian is always a cranky-face when we fly.
And I'm relatively excited. I found out just last night that I'll actually know people at this wedding. People I like! So now the weekend is not merely a trial of patience.

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  1. I'mma steal all your stuffs.

    Mostly just your cats.