Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daydreams of Sunbeams

Spring is so close I can taste it. The sunlight streaming in the windows of my house is akin to an RSVP from Summer: I am totally coming to this party.
And then I step outside.

I love New England, don't get me wrong. I love the quiet on my porch, listening to the oaks sway in the breeze coming off the ocean. I love driving 4 minutes and being at the beach. I love walking the canal, love driving into Boston, love the snow, love the climate in general.
It doesn't get ass-cold in the winter like you would think, since the ocean moderates our temperature. We're in the next warmer planting zone than my mother in Kansas. Our 100+ days in the summer numbered TWO last year, while the rest of my friends had entire months in the triple didgits. So, no, I don't mind the climate.
What I mind is how long the (albeit mild) winter is, and how ridiculously short the summers seem by comparison.
We lose leaves in October, we get them back by the first of May. MAY. That's six full months with no greenery. Half a year of winter.
Our last freeze two years ago was Memorial Day - the END of May.
My spring seeds, that say to be sown 3-4 weeks before the last freeze still can't go in until May 1. I can't really start my tomatoes in the house until April 1.
So even though it is March, and spring supposedly arrives in a couple weeks, nothing really starts for me until April.

All I really want - in all honesty - is one moderately warm day. 80 degrees would be perfect.
Then I can go outside, lay on the asphalt of my driveway, and absorb some heat for a little while. I am so sick of being cold.

We are flying to Texas this weekend for a wedding. The forecast? 50 and raining. FML.


  1. 50 in Texas! Gosh. It is 70 here today and tomorrow... which is nice, but everything started to bud and leaf out in the beginning of February!

    I just want to go out there and have a nice chat with the plants. Let them know that it is not spring, yet, and that they should stay covered! If we get a hard freeze, a lot of damage is going to happen. :(

    You should build a high tunnel to extend your growing season! We are currently putting one on our property, and it is totally not expensive at all.

  2. Can't wait for our sun room to be build.
    Then you can grow your tasty plants much longer. =)