Monday, May 28, 2012

Caught Up!

Surprisingly, I managed to get caught up to where I needed to be on the garden before we left for Emilee's wedding.
We got up early this morning and headed for Boston. We'd agreed to help our friend Jose move into his new apartment in Quincy. We ended up helping his roommate - which is fine, because honestly it was a lot less driving and a lot less stuff. No complaints here! His roommate is a nice guy, and we were on our way home again by shortly after noon.
I got out of the truck. Put my purse down. And went right back to work on the garden.
I managed to get my beans soaking after the June Bug incident last night, and so all four kinds went into the ground today.
I got six hills of cucumbers assembled, and I rigged a temporary watering solution (as I have yet to hear back from the landscaper - but it is a holiday).
The peas that have already emerged were given a twine-and-stake trellis to keep them occupied while I'm away. We'll judge what further supports they need when we get back.
I know we're only going to be gone a week, but a garden can die in a week!
I'm making a very anal-retentive list for my beloved housesitter, but I'm hoping for rain. If it rains he doesn't even have to worry about it. This spring has been moist enough that I'm not too terribly worried about it.

It doesn't sound like I did a whole lot when written, but it was hours of work and I hurt all over. Today's move and gardening on top of yesterday's tire burial strained muscles I'm not sure I've ever used before. The obliques I utilized to swing a pickaxe are particularly peckish this evening.
That said, I had a nice dinner with my husband. I'm sitting in my comfy office chair with a huge glass of lemonade. And I'm going to do as little as possible for the rest of the evening. to-do list for tomorrow is over a page long.

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